Crane Operator Training

C.I.C. Crane Operator Training Program

Our 4-day course covers everything you will need to know to become a certified crane operator through C.I.C.

Your certification will be for telescopic boom crane. Both small (fixed cab) And Medium (swing cab) cranes. This is a National Certification Recognized anywhere in the world.


Types of Crane

Crane operation characteristics

Frequent and periodic inspections

Wire rope types and inspection

Proper set up

Evaluating ground and soil stability

Use of outriggers, blocking and cribbing

Quadrants of operation

Accident cause and prevention

Load charts

How to use a range diagram

How to read and apply load charts

Use of jibs and extensions

Structural Vs. stability

Effects of side loading

Personnel lifting

Powerline contact prevention

Crane hand signals

OSHA 1926/1910

ASME B-30.5

In addition to our daily classroom instruction. 

There will be practical training. Which will include:


Proper Setup

Control and Function

Skills Training

Controlling The Load

Pass Your Test, Guaranteed!

We are so confident that after taking our crane operator certification course, you will pass your crane operator certification the first time. We Guarantee it!

We are so confident in our training, that if you do not pass your written exams the first time, you can sit in our next available class for free. Just pay the re-testing fees.

American Truck School does NOT guarantee that you will pass the practical exam. These exams require skill and load control. However, with four days of hands on training, our success rate is among the best in the business.


The following will void this guarantee.

Test candidate is unable to comprehend, speak, read, and write in English. These tests are only administered in English! Therefore, no discrimination is intended.

Candidate is unable to perform basic math. Throughout the course, the instructor will monitor the candidate and will be able to determine his or her progress. Candidate is unable to comprehend technical terms or charts and diagrams. Instructor will monitor candidate throughout the class to determine progress. Candidate repeatedly leaves the class or does not sit through the entire length of the class. Complete attendance is mandatory.

Guarantee covers class time and pre-test only.

Test fees must still be paid in full by candidate.

C.I.C. has no obligation to this guarantee.

Small Class Sizes

We conduct our crane operator certification classes in much smaller groups to give more one-on-one instruction to our students, arming you with more valuable hands-on knowledge and training.


Course Information:

Required every 5 years.

Paperwork Administration

All Certification Fees

Crane Operator Written Exam Fees

Classroom Refresher

Practical test allows for 20 minutes of crane familiarization. Additional instruction on the crane may be purchased at a rate of $100/hr.


If you have less than 1000 hrs in the last 5 years, you must take a practical test Certified Rigger/Signal-Person

American Truck School has developed the most effective and affordable rigger/signalperson training programs in the market today.

Our experience in mobile crane operator, rigger, and signal-person training gives you the optimum level of expert instruction, written and practical testing, our rigger training programs will give you all the information you need to successfully pass your C.I.C. Written and Practical exams. To become a Nationally Certified Rigger/ Signal person

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